Davis Medical Zymed Holter Scanning Service offers the latest Holter software analysis program for the most difficult patients.

The Zymed Holter Scanning Service utilizes the latest software that is validated by over 30 databases. The databases are from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and American Health Association.

As a result, the software is also validated for accuracy and reliability for over 30 years.

The easy to use remote software allows physicians the ability to download and view raw ECG data. Our technicians know to contact the physician when there is a HIGH RISK patient, the data is view-able as its being processed.

Our Certified Technicians (US based) create the final reports that are ready to be interpreted to the Physicians.

Three great facts about why Davis Medical is the best choice for your Holter monitoring scanning solutions:

  1. Our Certified Cardiac Technicians (CCT through CCI)
  2. Our experience IT Support
  3. Low Cost of Supplies

Download our Brochure on the Digitrak XT Recorder: Here

Software Information:
Operating System: Windows Vista Business, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2003 Server, 
Windows 7 Professional OS, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition, Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition R2 OS, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2 , Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise
Processor: Intel Pentium III, 500 MHz
Memory: 256 MB
Hard Disk: 10GB
USB: 1.2 or greater
CD ROM: 32x Drive
I/O ports: 2 USB
Size: 17” minimum
Type: high resolution, Super VGA color
Resolution: 16-bit minimum,
1024 horizontal x 768 vertical
Laser printer with minimum 300 x 300 dp

There is no upfront investment required to start offering this service to your patients. Call Davis Medical Holter Scanning Service today  +1 (800) 422-3547