Healthcare Professionals:

Evaluate patient skin integrity prior to preparation.

CAUTION: Inappropriate skin preparation can damage the skin or cause irritation.


Begin by preparing the patient’s skin prior to applying the electrodes. Skin is a poor conductor of electricity, therefore; skin preparation prior to every Holter test is important in achieving good signal quality and eliminating artifact.


The Trident 30 Electrode Patch is designed to be worn on the upper left chest. 


If necessary, shave hair from the electrode site to prevent poor electrode-to-skin contact. 

Abrade the area with recommended tool or equivalent to remove dead skin cells.

Clean skin thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol to remove excess oils and debris that may adhere to skin.  


Dry the area with a dry cloth or gauze. 


Place the electrode patch on the chest at a 45° angle. The “wings” of the electrode should span between the sternum and left nipple with the main body towards the left shoulder.

Press down firmly on all parts of the electrode for a minimum of 90 seconds to ensure proper adhesion to the skin.

To start the study: Slide device into the electrode. The device will power on automatically. After several seconds, the light on the front of the device will turn off.

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Recommendations on Preparing the Patient