Philips DigiTrak Overview

The Philips Zymed Digitrak XT is among the lightest and smallest 24 hour ambulatory electrocardiograph (Holter) monitors available. With 24 holter recording capability, the Zymed Digitrak XT will meet the Holter recording needs of any user. In addition, this recorder includes EASI lead placement and lead connection readings on the screen. Each Digitrak XT comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. Bulk discounts may apply for large orders.

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Benefits of the DigiTrak Recorder

These State of the art recorders are water resistant, lightweight, and use only 1 battery. The recorders provide patient mapping with lead faults, Pacemaker adjustments, and auto record. The recorders accommodate any type of patient including pediatric and pacemakers, while ensuring more comfort for the patient.

An ECG display allows nurses to acquire the best “hookups” and ultimately better tracings. With our ECG analysis technology and 12 lead ECG capabilities, we can obtain Holter reports with as little as two leads. This technology allows us to have the fewest repeat tests in the Holter industry.

Features and Benefits:

CPT Codes

CPT 93224

ECG Monitoring for 24 Hours with Super-Imposition Scanning Includes: recording and scanning analysis with report

CPT 93225


CPT 93226

Scanning Analysis with Report

CPT 93229

Remote 30 Day